We provide a project the entire team can be proud of!

At Greiner Electric, we use our experience in the electrical field to provide the General Contractor with exceptional quality in product, construction budgets and long-term cost to fulfill the aspirations of the owner.

We provide our customers with a detailed conceptual budget that includes a clear, easy-to-understand scope of work. Regardless of procurement type, Greiner Electric’s preconstruction team works just as hard to assist with value engineering and constructability issues as we do with our negotiated projects. Our people proactively offer our skills and experience so the client feels comfortable about the project's success.

Greiner Electric’s Preconstruction expertise is best applied in the Design Build and Design Assist arena.

Greiner Electric is PROACTIVE in:

  • Establishing a detailed budget and scope of work that meets the intent of the project
  • Providing project analysis of products and methods to ensure that initial costs, operating costs and long-term reliability for the customer are met

  • Maintaining the design and project schedule
  • Eliminating project constructability issues with the use of CADD and BIM

  • Finding opportunities for LEED® and sustainable design
  • Working as an active project team member to provide positive solutions to issues that arise

  • Coordination among other trades and local jurisdictions

Scheduling: Greiner Electric staff apply their experience in the electrical field to provide the General Contractor with exceptional quality in product, construction budgets and long-term cost to fulfill the aspirations of the owner.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control: Experience, knowledge and desire to deliver a quality product ensure that our installation procedures not only meet but exceed the stringent standards set forth by the end user.

Coordination Among Trades: Greiner Electric prides itself on being proactive. We initiate and participate in any coordination meetings required to produce a well-organized installation plan.

Equipment Purchasing and Procurement Process: Greiner Electric solicits pricing from at least three vendors. The supplier selected is based on both the price and ability to meet the project schedule at the time our final budget is established.

Prefabrication Capabilities: Greiner Electric can begin building various components for installation in our 5,000-square-foot shop to assist with maintaining the project schedule and keeping our overall labor rate as low as possible.

Cost Control and Change Order Management: We provide a complete electrical installation for the agreed GMP on our design build projects. The only change orders come from changes in scope.

Coordination with Owner-Furnished Materials and Equipment: Greiner Electric works closely with the owner and the owner’s choice of suppliers to ensure a trouble-free installation.

Closeout: The project team at Greiner Electric initiates closeout procedures before the project completion to produce a complete and accurate closeout.

Greiner Electric is a full-service, licensed and insured local electrical contractor capable of handling all your electrical needs. Our service department provides 24/7 emergency service to all our customers.

Commercial & Residential Services

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Data Centers
  • Medical / Hospital
  • Life Safety Systems
  • Communications Systems
  • Security Systems
  • Energy Audits/ Lighting Upgrades and Retrofits
  • Exterior/Site Lighting Maintenance
  • Neon / Fluorescent Sign Repairs and Maintenance
  • Preventative Maintenance / Testing / Commissioning
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Site-Specific Personnel
  • Thermo-Graphic Infrared Imaging
  • New Outlet Installations
  • New Light Switch Installations
  • Complete Service Upgrades
  • Electric Panel Replacements
  • Troubleshooting and Repair Services
  • Home Addition and Remodel Projects
  • Telephone Jacks and Wiring
  • Cable Outlets and Wiring
  • Surge Protection Systems
  • New Lighting Installations
  • Ceiling Fan Installations
  • Outdoor Security Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Emergency Power Systems
  • Spa / Pool Installation
  • Wiring


Robotic Layout

Our Leica Total Station Systems generates precise layout drawings (with the use of the CAD/BIM drawings) and is accurate to within 1/16”.  This system greatly decreases the amount of layout time needed in the field and greatly increases accuracy.  We use this system to lay out points in the field, including equipment and conduit windows, gear room layouts, fixture layouts, rack layouts, anchor layouts, device layout, etc. 

Digital as Builts

Our Total Station system generates precise as-builts for all underground and/or site conduits for future reference. This information is incorporated into the as-built documents.


Our goal is to get the information to the field personnel who need it for accurate installations.

In the field, where accurate information is crucial, we use tablets for first-hand viewing of all project drawings, approved submittals, CAD/BIM files, installation drawings and Total Station layouts.

Tablets are automatically synced with the server in our main office for up-to-the-second accurate project documentation, ensuring that we are all working from the most current information and accepted drawings, revisions, RFIs, ASIs, Total Station Layout Drawings, etc.

As-built drawings are created directly on the field tablets. Along with syncing to the main server, this helps ensure that an accurate, updated as-built is being created at all times.

Greiner Electric also links installation pictures of each wall rough, ceiling rough, trench excavation, etc. to our as-built document before permanently covering them. This helps with the overall documentation of the installation for any future maintenance or revisions.


The Greiner Task Ordering Process (GTO) is a custom-designed program that allows us to develop, release, track and install prefabrication and materials orders up-front while remaining extremely flexible to allow for project changes and revisions up to the time the materials are needed on site for installation. Our estimating database helps determine the time frame for installing materials, duration schedules and manpower requirements based on the project’s overall flow of construction. From this information, our field supervisors develop three-week schedules and update them each week as tasks are completed. These schedules ensure that the necessary materials are delivered and the appropriate manpower is on site—at all times.

We develop the vast majority of our initial prefabrications opportunities, customized for the specific project and requirements, at that time along with all other materials needed for completing individual tasks. This also includes major purchase items and installation time frames.

After our GTO process is complete, all items remain in a queue, awaiting the field supervisor's release for delivery based on the project’s three-week schedule. This allows us to make revisions to any prefabrication and materials order up until the time it is ordered—or add completely new prefabrication opportunities.

Once released, our prefabrication department can determine the manpower needed to complete the order by the time it is due on-site (based on the quantity of the assemblies to be built and their budgeted time per).

We also use the GTO program to track long lead times and materials invoice reconciliation, ensuring that the quoted pricing structure is adhered to throughout the project.


Our project managers can work directly on our main server from a job site. This means they can be on-site, assisting with project requirements and making immediate decisions in the project's best interest, while maintaining the support of the main office systems and programs.


Greiner Electric is a certified PV systems installer with COSIA, IREC, NABCEP certified staff. We can supply, design and install any make and model system 100%, using stamped drawings as well as the XCEL Solar rewards rebate program.


As a registered XCEL Energy Trade Ally, Greiner Electric is certified to assist with lighting retrofits for businesses under 400kW that compromise 80% of businesses in Colorado. Greiner Electric teams with EXCEL partner Franklin Energy to complete energy audits at no charge to businesses for lighting solutions to save energy and money!


Greiner Electric’s 10,000-square-foot prefab shop is located within the office and warehouse facilities on Dumont Way in Littleton, Colorado. This shop offers many advantages to our customers because we can start building various components for installation before projects start in the field. This not only helps maintain the project schedule, but it saves money. In the shop, we can use labor at a significantly lower rate than field electricians, which reduces GMP costs.

Outside forces do not interfere with the progress of any prefab projects as the temperature-controlled environment is always friendly to the shop's production work. In addition, our field electricians can support projects in the shop if we need a manpower surge. We have used the Prefab shop extensively during many projects as it enhances the performance of the Greiner Electric team during construction.

HOOPS & HOOPLA | April 2015

As title sponsor for the National Jewish Health Hoops & Hoopla fundraiser, Greiner Electric raised $50,000+ for the Morgridge Academy for chronically ill children.

Denver Business Journal - 2014 Book of Lists

Greiner Electric ranked 7th Largest Electrical Contractor | Greiner Electric ranked 25th Top Corporate Philanthropist | Greiner Electric ranked 11th Women- Owned Business | 2014 ABC Excellence in Construction Award

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