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Selecting Greiner as a key member of your project during the design phase results in greater creativity and more synergistic solutions by leveraging the inherent advantages of an integrated approach.  Our customers benefit from three essential elements that are trademarks of our service to achieve a functional and sustainable design.  Those elements include:

  • Thoughtful Conceptual Estimating– Comprehensive budget estimates with a defined scope of work that allows our customers to create a target value that fulfills the intent of the design.
  • Proven Leadership– Participation with open and honest communication proving our ability to be a trustworthy and reliable partner.  Our leadership is demonstrated in our guidance and input on the project schedule, our expectation for quality and safety at our projects.  
  • Collaborative Relationships- Our working relationships develop through trust, accountability and our practice to standardize the methodology and efficiency that provide for responsive interaction and accuracy.  
  • Preconstruction Services include:
  • Conceptual Estimating and Budgeting
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Value Engineering
  • Schedule Development and Input
  • BIM and Prefabrication Plan
  • Early Material and Equipment Purchasing


Your projects gain the benefit and value from our level of understanding and use of technology. While the budget and design progress, we leverage technology to begin determining constructability and field solutions. Our team applies BIM software, such as Revit and Navisworks, as well as Virtual Reality (VR) to take our design analysis to the next level. VR provides a unique perspective on design changes and enables the Owner and A/E/C team to make quicker, more informed decisions pertaining to the design and functional issues.

During design our team applies technology to solve cost, schedule, and constructability issues.

  • We use technology not as a substitute for experience and knowledge but as a tool that allows us to collect and apply data to provide the best value to the project. We think first, apply our experience and understanding of the design intent, and then use technology to formulate solutions.


    Evaluating constructability issues and finding cost/time savings begins even before a project begins. We utilize BIM to assist from the on-set of our projects to identify prefabrication opportunities that will drive economies, productivity, enhance safety as well as reduce the on-site manhours required to manage personnel and resources at the job site. As the project progresses, we refine the details by seeking improvements along the way. Our BIM model ensures the project is reflected in its true as-built form.

Many of our customers waste valuable resources guessing about the electrical needs for their project. We participate as a design build or design-assist partner to solve complex issues and provide answers by consulting on specific requirements. We provide the value-added services that our customers are confident will meet all their electrical contracting needs.

We help our customer to drive the path to finish timely, produce measurable quality and provide for safety measures beyond industry standards.

Our scope of capabilities include: electrical, fire alarm systems, low voltage for telecommunications and data, access control systems, security and surveillance, lighting control and design systems, audio visual equipment and specialty systems, building automation systems, distributed antenna system, electric heat, electric vehicle charging stations, lighting protection and grounding, uninterrupted power supply

Our teams are working to solve everyday electrical needs on a variety of commercial and industrial projects. Make us your provider.

Greiner has mastered the prefabrication process, and our deep experience and technology are major contributors to that accomplishment. We view prefabrication as a process that requires constant evaluation to increase on-site efficiency. Our levels of productivity are substantial due to our fabrication shop and has reduced field manhours by 60% in some cases.

Our fabrication personnel, along with our Virtual Design Manager, work together with our Field Crews to define a prefabrication plan. Together, they provide input into the model, oversee the fabrication process and itemize the material components to ensure proper and efficient field execution.

We lead the industry in the investigation of new methods of procedures to improve efficiency, productivity and quality. One example of such is examining an issue faced by all contractors: material waste. Because the building materials come in set stock sizes, there is always some waste after all cuts are made. Rather than spending hours calculating by hand how to make cuts in such a way that minimizes waste, we have designed and created an algorithm within the BIM model that analyzes all possible combinations of cuts and returns the one solution that minimizes (or in some cases, eliminates) wasted material. We are studying the problem to generate a zero-waste solution.


Finishing strong is a hallmark of our work ethic. Our team works with the end-result in mind by spending time during the pre-planning, pricing and fabrication to deliver a quality and functional product. We staff properly to ensure the project documentation is closed-out accurately and the as-built model is in its truest form.


In addition, we will introduce our service department to the project which is supported by multiple local technicians. Greiner Electric takes great pride in our response time to any warranty call.

  • • On call 24/7 Colorado Springs Service Department
  • • 2-hour response for any emergency call
  • • 24-hour response time for any standard warranty call
  • • Site specific account manager as primary contact
  • • Electronic as-builts for easy accessibility through use of tablets.


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