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Safe, responsive and professional electrical and automation services for Gas and Oil producers, delivered with a deep appreciation for communication, quality, and schedule demands.   Our crews focus on electrical, instrumentation and control, construction, schedule and troubleshooting on-going issues.    

Based on your specific needs, our crews continue to increase their level of service and to offer more robust services to our clients.  

For immediate needs, contact:  
Tom Tarver, Director of Market Development,  720-490-0138
Tad Draper, Oil & Gas Superintendent, 970-290-8569
Josh Lease, Oil & Gas Automation Superintendent, 970-590-6138

We provide core services in the following areas:

  • Classified Locations  –  All Division and Applications  
  • Construction  –  work area lighting, building, general purpose, and task lighting  
  • Instrumentation  –  procurement, install, electronic and pneumatic calibration, testing and certification
  • Communication  -  fiber optic, ethernet, ControlNet,  I/O panels, PLCs  
  • SCADA installations
  • Variable Frequency Drive Installation and programming  
  • Mid-stream Natural Gas Compressors and Compressor stations  
  • LACT Skid Systems  
  • MCC, VFD, generator, supply and installation  
  • Wellhead System Design and Set-up
  • PLC and Relay Logic Platforms  
  • Battery Farms  
  • Motor control and Switchgear systems
  • Portable and Emergency Power
  • On/Off Load Systems  
  • Site Grounding
  • Commissioning and facility start-up services  

We have active memberships in Safeland, ISNet World, COGA, Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and a Red Level participant in the AGC and OSHA Chase Partnership. Our crews are Safeland and H2S certified and engage in on-going education.


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