Robby Botos, Operations Manager


Hometown:  Omaha, Nebraska

First Job:  Paper route for the Gazette Telegraph in Colorado Springs

Three words that describe your personality:  Honest, confident and loyal

Free-time Activities:   Watching my youngest daughter Skylar play volleyball, basketball and run track. I also love playing music!

Favorite Vacation:  Going to Colorado with my family in the summer of 1977 . I was 8 years old, and my family and a family friend loaded up my dad's K-5 Blazer. We visited Loveland, Estes Park and Pikes Peak. And everywhere in between. I fell in love with Colorado. Little did I know that two years later on Halloween, my family would move to Colorado Springs. My parents still live in that same house to this day.

Professional Passion:  Hard work! I was brought up in the old school ways. Demand the most out of myself and others. Success is made not given.