We operate with integrity.  

We are a company that operates with integrity, makes good choices and does the right thing in every aspect of our business. We give our attention to the issues that affect our Communities, our Industry and the health and well-being of our Family of Employees.

Get to Know UsWhat We Care About

Community:   We recognize that Community creates the social fabric in which we all work and live. Our belief is that strong communities offer safe and enriching environments for families to thrive. We seek opportunities to support our local communities through programs that improve the lives of underserved youth, Veterans and Military families, early educational resources, and the advancement of medical research.

Family of Employees:   We define our organization as a Family.  Each day we strive to offer a work environment that is ethical and forthright. We care about everyone and offer benefits and training that allow for career advancement so that our employees can plan their futures. We invest in the safety and well-being of everyone who works with us, and along side us.

Advancement of the Electrical Industry: To secure the future of our industry we invest in the innovation of new technologies, methods that deliver value-added services to our customers and workforce development. We also invest in industry associations and organizations that believe in merit-based selection methods and those organizations that ensure the electrical industry is recognized for the contributions it makes to the built environment.