Greiner Electric Sets Company Record for Feeder Wire Pull(s) at Teton H1 Project

We're thrilled to share that Greiner Electric's Hurricane Crew, a mobile crew of high production specializing in planning, layout, productions, and installation, has set a new company record at the Teton H1 project in Jackson, Wyoming. The 10-member team worked tirelessly to pull an impressive 9.5 miles of large feeder wire (50,210 feet to be exact) in just 11 consecutive days. This remarkable achievement is a testament to their expertise and dedication, especially considering the challenging weather conditions and technical complexities of the project. 

The Teton H1 project is a luxurious multi-use development in Jackson, Wyoming, constructed by Layton Construction for DRRM Partners. The resort comprises a five-story post-tensioned concrete building with a structural steel roof and includes four subterranean levels and two levels of parking. With 98 condominiums, the resort offers high-end amenities such as a rooftop pool and spa, a fitness center, and restaurants. Each unit is crafted with exceptional attention to detail, providing breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain ranges. Furthermore, the resort is equipped with top-of-the-line electrical and mechanical systems, featuring three backup power generators. 

During the Teton H1 project, our Hurricane Crew faced numerous obstacles that required extensive planning and coordination. They had to navigate hundreds of reels and obstructed underground conduits, ensure that each worker had a Wyoming reciprocal electrical license, and manage the heaviest snowfall in the history of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. The winter of '22-'23 saw an unprecedented 594 inches of snow, which the crew had to work around the clock to keep the site safe and accessible. The team faced further challenges when the wire delivery was delayed, causing a three-week postponement. Despite these setbacks, the team remained committed, ultimately achieving an impressive accomplishment within a remarkably short time frame. 

Steve Foote, VP of Operations at Greiner Electric, shared his thoughts on the accomplishment, saying, "I am incredibly proud of this crew and their dedication to completing this project to the highest standards despite the many challenges they faced. This record-breaking feat is proof of their hard work and expertise, and it sets a new benchmark for our company's capabilities. Congratulations to everyone involved in this achievement." 

We want to express our appreciation to our hardworking crew for their exceptional work on this project as well as the project’s crew who set them up for success. At Greiner Electric, we are committed to providing exceptional electrical contracting services, and this accomplishment at Teton H1 is just one example of our dedication to delivering quality work for our clients. We eagerly anticipate the completion of this remarkable project in Summer 2024! 


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