Travis Seabolt - Project Manager


Hometown:  Woodland Park, Colorado

First Job:  Short order cook at CY's Drive-in

Three words that describe your personality:  outgoing, ambitious, trustworthy

Free-time Activities:  Skiing, Playing and Coaching Ice Hockey, Motorcycle riding, hunting and mountain biking 

First Car:  1948 Willys Jeep that I built from the ground up.  It was given to me in a pile of parts and if I wanted to drive I had to build it and get it running.  My dad and I worked countless hours on it getting it road-worthy and had plenty of arguments along the way.  It taught me respect and work ethic and the value of something worked for.  This last year my son and I re-built it for the second time. 

Favorite thing about the Industry:  The accomplishments that come from building something.  The electrical system is the life of a building.  There's nothing like bringing a building to life.